Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready For the Holidays...

From September through March, our lives are a whirlwind of magic, memories, and times shared with family. Preparing for each holiday and teaching traditions to our children, make it even more meaningful to me. Then I sit and think of my childhood Christmas...always my favorite holiday filled with reverence,  wonder, and light. A season in which I miss my family that lives far away. It is the one moment in which I try to capture a picture that can tell a story so deep to share. A story of my children as they are now the expression of me. Child photography can be fun and anything but staged. I find the best pictures of children are when they are at play. To really get that story we must let it be told. This is the picture for my Christmas cards. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Registration Today!

A long road traveled and a dream that began several years ago finally has been brought to action. Today Captured by Bran LLC has been registered and I anxiously wait for those papers and the rest of the process. Life is such a fast dream and holds many moments that we cherish. When I look at my children I think about how I can make an impact on their lives. When they grow older I want them to remember how they grew up, their triumphs, and stumbles. I also discovered that I love capturing those moments for others as well. I am a natural light photographer in Orlando, FL where I have lived for a great portion of my life. I have had the greatest opportunity to do freelance photography for the city for the past few years. I love light and how it brings new life in a picture. While I capture my clients in posed form, the best opportunities are when they are interacting with each other. Just to be that person capturing that moment is such an incredible honor. Today is the beginning of an amazing dream with limitless capabilities. I welcome you to join me and follow along as my business grows and as I share my many passions.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pardon our Dust! While we capture some Moments!

 Please Pardon our Dust while we Capture some moments and finalize all the business stuff!